Fuze administrative tools

Giving customers the power to manage themselves

Fuze combines phone, video, and chat into a single platform for a more unified way of communicating in the workplace. Fuze Hub is a set of administrative and data tools to help customers manage users and get the most out of Fuze.

Hub Welcome

The problem: Putting the sass back in SaaS

Fuze had grown quickly in a short amount of time, and leaned heavily on our services and support teams to get anything done. This was often time-consuming and frustrating for the customers, and expensive for us. We wanted to create better tools to make them more self-sufficient and continue to scale Fuze's business.

The users

Our main users for the Fuze administrative product, named the "Hub", are customer IT administrators. They are the gatekeepers for any products adopted by their organization and prefer to set up and maintain these products themselves. They are technically savvy, but not usually familiar with setting up cloud-based phone networks. How could we give them a tool that was powerful, easy-to-use, and help guide them through the intriciacies of setting up Fuze?

My role

As a principal designer at Fuze, I was the lead designer on our administrative and data products. I work closely with the design director, a UX researcher, product managers, and development teams to review these designs.

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More on Fuze coming soon!

The paint is still drying on the pixels on much of my work here, but I would love to chat about it if you send me an email.

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